Cooperation mode
Sinofx finance is a global foreign exchange trader specializing in the trading of financial products such as foreign exchange, crude oil and stock index futures. According to the current market trend and demand, our cooperation project "business incubator" with the government is proceeding in an orderly manner. According to the agency's qualification and scale, we have launched a perfect IB agency system, which can help IB agents to establish their own companies quickly and effectively, provide convenience for handling various certificates, ensure the normal operation of IB agents, and seek for long-term development.
Agency agency
Good product + 360 degree comprehensive operation support = success
  • Market brand support
    According to the change of market, we can make all kinds of propaganda materials including the exquisite picture album and marketing sheet from time to time for agents to develop the market.
  • Business operation support
    After the agents join the platform, the headquarters can send elites to the residence to support according to the needs, assist in developing the market, and make the agents achieve quick profits.
  • Advanced incentive system
    The company will provide a series of large amount of advanced incentive policies to the partners who complete the sales tasks.
  • Campaign support
    From time to time, we plan diversified promotion and marketing activities to expand customer channels, increase customer stickiness, help agents better develop the market, and create more opportunities for business development.

Risk warnings

All financial products that use margin trading are high-risk. They are not suitable for all investors and your losses may exceed your initial investment amount.

Please confirm that you are fully aware of the risks involved and seek professional advice if necessary.

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