Sinofx cooperates with third-party training institutions, which are authorized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national professional talent reserve committee and the national vocational ability evaluation center to carry out specialized financial professional skills training.
Trainees who have passed the study and passed the examination can obtain training certificates such as: foreign exchange financial analyst, financial foreign exchange trader, foreign exchange financial planner, foreign exchange risk manager, foreign exchange investment consultant, foreign exchange financial trainer, etc
In foreign exchange transactions, currencies always appear in pairs. Take the most common currency pair, EUR / USD. The former currency in the currency pair (Euro EUR in the above example) is called the base currency, and the latter currency (USD) is called the quotation currency. When you trade EUR / USD, you are predicting whether the base currency (EUR) will be stronger or weaker than the quoted currency (USD) in the future.
Foreign exchange quotation usually has five decimal places. The fourth decimal is the most important one, which is often called "point". We often use points to calculate profit and loss.

Risk warnings

All financial products that use margin trading are high-risk. They are not suitable for all investors and your losses may exceed your initial investment amount.

Please confirm that you are fully aware of the risks involved and seek professional advice if necessary.

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