Trading varieties
  • Foreign exchange
    Foreign exchange is the abbreviation of international exchange, which refers to the means of payment and assets in foreign currency or expressed in foreign currency that can be used for international settlement. Foreign exchange is the abbreviation of int
  • Noble metal
    Gold is a kind of precious metal. It is not only an important raw material for making jewelry and coins, but ...
  • Energy
    Energy futures is a very important part of commodity futures, which is not less than the influence of the spot...
  • CFD
    CFD (price difference contract) is a kind of special, public over-the-counter financial derivatives, investors can ...
MT5 online transactions
In the MT5 era, we can enjoy better indicators, intelligent strategies and templates. The operation speed of the new generation of programming language metaquotes language5 will increase several times, and it will be easier to convert with C + + code, and test tools such as IntelliSense system will be added.
MetaTrader 5 is more likely to trade than MetaTrader 4. MT5 is a new product launched by midak on the basis of MT4.
Stp-ecn combined mode
Sinofx adopts the stp-ecn mode to make traders more transparent and fair in the trading environment of the platform.
ECN is an electronic automatic matching transaction. The biggest advantage of ECN mode is fairness, and the biggest advantage of ECN mode is fairness. The platform adopting ECN mode is only responsible for delivering customer list, and the profit only comes from handling fee. The customer's list trades with other counterparties in a unified trading pool, which is independent of the platform, reflecting fair matching Li.
TP is to send all customer orders to the liquidator through the direct processing system through the direct processing system. It only acts as a channel and will not become the counterparty of the trader. The customer's orders are closed at the price provided by LP The price offered is the deal. In the STP mode and the profit mode of the platform business, the profit of the platform business is only a little difference, so there is no need to worry about the operation of the platform dark box.

Risk warnings

All financial products that use margin trading are high-risk. They are not suitable for all investors and your losses may exceed your initial investment amount.

Please confirm that you are fully aware of the risks involved and seek professional advice if necessary.

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